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The Theatre
in Which
Stuff Happens

Ellens’ work  The Theatre in Which Stuff Happens is playfully provisional uses sculptural assemblage and large works on paper and seeks to create a network of relations which offer a freedom in responding to the context of a space. 

Each component within the work serves a functional purpose, whether it be structurally or through colour and form. Which the artist uses to create balance in a space. There is a truth to function that reveals the contextual relationship between the materials and their environment. These points are highlighted by Ellen throughout the show. Be it the small plaster cast suspended on the wall by two lengths of green rubber coated wire or the brightly coloured cable ties that hold the large stacked grid structure together. They highlight the work's connections with the room and within itself and leave no mystery to the works assembly.  


She plays with shadows and the translucency of some of her works components as another tool to ground the work in the space of the gallery. Using the natural light of the gallery's large windows to cast over the floor based works and drawing themselves through the space as time passes.

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