A fragment of things

in ‘PLATFORM: World’s of their own’ The Draiocht, Dublin.

The work shown as part of the Draíochts PLATFORM ‘World’s of their own’ is titled A fragment of things is an installation made up of a series of small works on paper, two large prints, a small wall assemblage and two floor based works. It’s energetic and playful in colour and form. I believe there is a stillness to the work that, in their pauses and punctuations that creates a snapshot - performing the nature of the network and only showing a fragment of their lifetime as objects.

I see the world as perpetually changing and interconnected networks. It is the same for my work. I look to create a type of activation through balance and tension by using the gallery as a framework.

I’m driven by the making process and the state of mind one gets into when making becomes the hyper focus. and over the past couple of years I have been honing a process that has become a sort of self discovery and figuring out of myself in terms of how my brain is wired to make and think. There is a constant need for change and an allure of the impermanent. I work in a fast paced way that frees up the mind and enters in to a state of thinking with my hands.