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Dublin Is Teeling Whiskey Distillery, Nov 23—Dec 9 2022

‘Dublin is’ Exhibition, presented by Hang Tough Contemporary in collaboration with Teeling Whiskey is a celebration of Dublin by Dublin based artists. 18 artists, born and bred in Dublin along with two invited Dublin based artists from the Hang Tough Contemporary Stable have been invited to produce works based on the theme, ‘Dublin is’ which will be exhibited in the Teeling Distillery in Dublin 8 on Wednesday 23rd of November.

This is an exhibition that explores what Dublin means to the artists and the works will be an interpretation of feeling, memories, love, connection or whatever ‘Dublin Is’ to each artist. Exhibiting artists share this meaning through their own practice. Dublin is so many things to everyone, this exhibition will share what Dublin is to the artistic community.

A gesture starts a conversation of relationships that take place within the confines of the surface's edge and interplaying layered shapes, textures and colour. It is a container of expression and a series of moments in time. Black borders sandwich in layers of vibrant, chaotic shapes and gestures. It is an expression of what Dublin can feel like at times. Home, a sense of pride and belonging along with a feeling of frustration and hopelessness in what this city is becoming.

Shape Salad, 2022.

Acrylic, rice paper, gouache, Indian ink, spray paint, tissue paper and caran d’ache neo pastels

Artist Panel

60 x 80 x 4 cm

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