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Assembling Agency

Assembling Agency (2019), is a body of work created by the artist for her Graduate Exhibition at the Technological University of Dublin, 2019. This work was then chosen for the RDS Visual Artist Awards in October of the same year.

The installation operates as one whole network, however, they can be broken down further into smaller assemblages that work within the same register. The work is made up of a diverse range of materials, ranging from; found objects, industrial materials, packaging materials and wooden structures. They are provisional assemblages that are subject to change depending on the site they reside in. Their openness leads to an enabling of their adaption to new surroundings and create new dynamics/conversations. 

As an expanded composition - their corresponding colours and forms and their link to time and space attempt to create a non-narrative narrative. What they’re doing and where they are tells a story of what they are. They can disassemble and reassemble and exist in perpetually changing networks that can create infinite number iterations. This is why they are suggestively provisional. 

It is important that each component implemented serves a purpose and is imperative to look at these networks of relations in a nonhierarchical way. Ellen wants to create a logic that connects these “things”. She see's everything as playing a fundamental role in forming the structural properties of each assemblage, no matter how minor.

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