Artist Statement / Bio

Photo by Leon Farrell

Artist Statement

Ellen Duffy is a Visual Artist from Dublin.


Her work uses site responsive installations, works on paper and sculpture to build networks that call to the interconnections between the viewer, the space, the work and the artist. She utilises everyday materials, like; casting single use plastics used in packing materials. She is influenced by her environment often utilising forms found in industrial settings and objects found in the rubbish. Duffy seeks to create a network of relations that form a symbiotic relationship, in which each component within the assemblage serves a functional purpose, whether it be structurally or through colour and form. Balancing them in the space she draws on the relationship between the materials and their environment.


Her work is playful and bright and involves a process led by the artists’ negotiation of a material. Duffy has transferred this process of making into a format that plays out the possibilities of material exploration in a 2 dimensional format. These mixed media collage works were born out of necessity when her studio closed in the first lockdown and she had to alter her methods of producing work. They have since become an integral part of her process and both her sculptural works and works on paper are manifestations of Duffy’s attempt to make sense of the world of vibrant matter around her.


Ellen received her BFA from the Technological University of Dublin, 2019. Her work was shortlisted and shown at the RDS Visual Artist Awards, curated by, the late, Janet Mullarney and David Quinn. From this exhibition she was awarded the RHA Studio Graduate Award - a year long studio residency at the prestigious Dublin Gallery. She was commissioned by The Dock, Leitrim, in their Summer Commissions to create a body of work over lockdown and entered into a series of collaborative works with Artist/Curator Kate Murphy.

Previous shows include; Sympoetic: A Shared Together, Farmleigh Cowshed, Dublin (2018); TUD Graduate Exhibition, Dublin (2019); RDS Visual Artist Awards, Dublin (2019); Works on Paper, Sarah Walker Gallery, Cork (2020); 'Second Summer', The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon (2021); 'Parallel (in)Between', Platform, Belfast (2021). 

Upcoming shows (which have been postponed due to the Global Pandemic) include; Platform, Belfast (2021); The Dock, Leitrim (2021); Platform, The Draíocht, Dublin (2021);